Location: Auction to be held at Owatonna Armory, Owatonna, MN. Watch for auction signs!!!

AUCTION STARTS AT 10:00 A.M. both days

AUCTIONEER'S NOTE: After 30+ years of collecting antiques from the 1820s to 1920s, Pat has decided to hold a public auction on her personal collection. Folks, I don’t believe you’ll find a nicer auction to attend with some unbelievable antiques and high quality Victorian furniture and glassware. Mark your calendars and hope to see you auction days. Several local hotels located in Owatonna right off I-35. Tracy Holland


2 walnut sofas, one Renaissance Revival with Lady heads carved on each arm and one applied to the top rail, one a little earlier with thick wood walnut carvings of flowers on the middle crest and under the seat • Two fainting couches, one walnut 1870’s and one oak lion paw style • Two Victorian chairs, matching balloon back style with hip rails • One Tete a Tete beautifully hand carved in Walnut • One Gentleman’s reclining chair, heavy carved walnut including carved tassels on each side of chair • 3 stately walnut chairs, Renaissance Revival, one larger with arms, 2 without, possibly from a church or Mason hall • 3 dining tables, 2 1870’s all walnut, one darker in color with roundels, central pillar that splits and 7 leaves, one lighter colored walnut thickly cut, with burl edging, central pillar and 3 leaves, 3rd is oak rectangle with 4 leaves • 6 mid 1800’s matching walnut dining chairs, with needlepoint seats • 3 matching walnut dining chairs, similar to the 6, also needlepoint seats • 1870’s Victorian Walnut Butler’s Pantry, large decorative mirrored top with dainty display shelves rests on marble top of base which has two open shelves for  storage of dinner platters ready to be served by butler • 3 plant stands, one marble and brass, one walnut with brass ormolu, 3rd white painted wood with decorative iron base • 3 walnut corner “what nots” or etageres, two about 60” tall, and one about 40” tall • One walnut étagère about 36” wide and 60” tall, resides flat to wall • One walnut Renaissance Revival Pier mirror stand, with marble shelf and some ebonized décor • One 1800’s gentlemen’s walnut desk, very large in size and weight, on trumpet solid walnut legs, 1 center and 6 other drawers, beautifully picture framed trimmed in layers of Walnut • 2 oval walnut parlor tables, civil war era, finger rail molding on edges of top • One marble topped large rectangular walnut Renaissance Revival style parlor table • One small, mottled brown marble top parlor table, rectangular also Renaissance Revival • One Victorian Cherry bookcase, 4 adjustable shelves, decorative top, and one beveled glass door display area • One 1800’s cast iron hat, umbrella/cane, and coat stand, with water catch basin at bottom • One ebonized étagère, possible Kimball and Cabus, with four doors and one drawer, beveled glass, decorative shelving and pierced trim on top • Incised carved in Aesthetic Movement motifs of stylized vases, and Chrysanthemums • One walnut Victorian ladies desk, Renaissance Revival, top with drop down writing surface fits onto desk stand with one drawer • Carved oak leaves on top display shelf, interior outfitted with drawer and cubbies, plus wire rack • Two walnut decorative slipper stools, one with needlepoint top, and other with blue velvet top • One English pine washstand, with marble top • Top has grooved surface to catch water spills, with marble ledge on top, one drawer and one door storage below • Two walnut vanities, one with Wishbone mirror and one small drawer, other with attached swing mirror, and 3 small drawers • One late 1800’s larger dark walnut half moon table with laurel leaf carving and egg and dart trim • Two early 1800’s ebonized side chairs, with some gilt decoration • One Victorian Walnut Renaissance Revival Marble well dresser, with attached mirror and decorative shelving top, 4 small hankie drawers, and two large drawers • One Pre Dieux, blue velvet covered elbow and knee areas, black finish.  One Empire Demilune sofa, intended for foot of bed. One Victorian Renaissance Revival walnut half moon shaped console with detached étagère top of shelves • One marble and brass Barber Stand, with one drawer and shelf • Two Victorian very delicate walnut nursing/slipper chairs, both Gothic in style • One walnut parlor chair, black and floral needlepoint seat cover • One gentleman’s parlor chair, green and floral needlepoint •    Two ballroom chairs, one wicker and one cane • One round parlor table, white wood and wicker, one central round top and three under round shelves • One large square Empire needlepoint ottoman • One square medium size walnut footstool, with needlepoint top in blues, purples and rose • Four small footstools, some with metal legs, one with claw foot design, one superior round small stool with beaded top, ceramic round feet, and marquetry inlay on sides • One Vitrine, with beveled glass top and sides for storage and display of special/expensive and unique pieces • One round walnut muffin stand, with round shelves • One ornate tall Victorian picture stand for large pictures, adjustable height • Two organ top shelves, one with beveled mirrors • One Victorian walnut gentlemen’s chair frame, ready for upholstery • One walnut hexagon shaped vanity stool, with pink satin cover on wheels • One mahogany potty chair, with velvet top, and hand spooled legs, inner pieces removed • One very early Victorian Bamboo book shelf étagère, with one drawer and one door • One large vintage olive green traveling trunk with initials, “Malmade”  CA Malm and Co. San Francisco. Fitted interior • One Victorian  Slipper Chair, walnut trumpet legs and burgundy velvet covering • One Renaissance Revival walnut loveseat and chair, mainly open back with red velvet lined top rail • One walnut Renaissance Revival Parlor Table, rectangle • One cast iron Parlor stove very decorative, with two Minton ladies’ head tile inserts • One inlaid marquetry top table with mother of pearl accents, cut down to coffee table height • Three panel screen, all panels are hand painted with scenes of flowers, birds, and one panel has a lovely figure of a woman; screens painted on both sides • One brass three legged calling card stand, with crystal drops • One English Washstand, with soapstone top and turquoise tile back splash. One small Hunzinger type folding chair • One Victorian scrap decoupage decorated small chest • One bamboo corner étagère and one bamboo 3 tiered shelf • One Grand Rapids half moon table, one door and one drawer, hand painted urn and floral design • One 1920’s-30’s oak three shelf serving cart on wheels • One Lane 1972 solid oak queen size canopy bed, in vintage style with turned rope supports


• 2 Wool Needlepoint Rugs, one blue and green with trellis floral design, 63” x 98”, one beige/peach with floral panels, 62” x 96”, Not vintage • One large wool oriental rug, 112 ½” by 160”, burgundy, with blue, green and rose, accents, not vintage • One wool oriental rug, red with blues, creams, etc. 60” x 95”, not vintage • One wool oriental rug, burgundy back drop multi-panel with assorted colors 120” x 69 ½”, not vintage • One wool silk oriental rug, burgundy back drop with teal blue, gold and navy, 110” x 144”, not vintage • One wool oriental rug, burgundys and blues, with cream, greens, and rose, 168” x 119”, not vintage • One vintage oriental rug, cream background, with many assorted colors, 139” x 89”


• 60+ pieces of Brown and White Transferware, mainly English mid to later 1800’s, plates, bowls, platters, cups/saucers, toothbrush holders, 2 Large Bowls from pitcher and bowl sets, etc • Floral designs, and many Aesthetic movement pieces with scenic views of castles, and stylized Asian influences • 14+ pieces of Blue and White Transferware and  10 + pieces of black and white and red and white transferware respectively, similar pieces and vintage • 38+ mustache cups, some with saucers and sayings such as “Think of Me”, “Present” and “Nana” • 40+ creamers and pitchers, including several copper lustre, advertising, personal name, Royal Doulton, and JG Meakin Indian Tree Pitcher • 24+ small figural vases • 7+ copper tea kettles, pots, and pitchers, etc • One tea kettle has silver figural whistler • 48+ pieces of silver, silverplate, including 4 piece coffee/ tea set with bone tops, 5+ cake/bridal baskets, 2 waterservers, one with butterfly motif, other with ship motif and double walled to keep cold/heat in • 3+ calling card trays, butter dishes, napking rings, goblets, other serving pieces, master nut dish with individual dishes, etc • Pairpoint, Sheffield, James Tufts, Van Bergh, manufacturers, etc • 14+ Collection of colored glass decorative vases, mainly hand blown • 40+ Bristol Vases, some pairs, large and small, majority hand blown and hand decorated in various colors • 12+ fruit and 20+ floral motif plates, cups and saucers, serving pieces, German, Limoges, and Spode mfg., etc.  20+ pieces of blue Wedgwood and green Jasperware, vases, wall plaques, small dishes, etc. 29+ glass bottles and containers, clear and colored, such as two battery holders, one with Greek Key design, vintage baby bottles with kitten and rabbits motifs, pharmacy bottles, with indents in glass for labels, some with partial label still on, Bitters bottles, Barber bottles, Old fashioned remedy bottles, etc • One Jolly Owatonna made chicken waterer • 18+ pieces of vintage milk glass, dresser jars and bottles, decorative plates, ring holders, many with hand decoration • 15+ pieces of Victorian Majolica, 2 extra large display vases, plates, small vases, small holders, etc., some with portrait panels, and fox motif pipe stand • 6+ shaving mugs, some with brushes • 15+ figural tooth pick holders • 7 non figural toothpick holders • 11 + china toothbrush holders, most English • 4+ decorative china Victorian Shoes • 15+ China decorated trivets, square and round, floral and portrait, Bavarian, German and English makers • 3 special trivets, 1 footed silverplate rimmed hand beaded trivet under glass • One wood framed beaded needlepoint, under glass, and one footed Aesthetic Movement silverplate rimmed Josiah Wedgwood and Sons tile with cobalt and orange design, “Etruria” • 8+ decorative boxes, some celluloid dresser boxes with mirrors, and interior satin linings, others wood, marquetry and paper mache' • 7 piano rolls, early 1900s • 4 Victorian milk glass Easter related items,  two eggs with Easter Greetings, two covered dishes, one with embossed eggs and chicks on the lid, and one with chicken coming out of egg top and base is chicken pulling wagon with chicks and eggs inside,  All hand painted • 2 silverplate pickle casters, one Aesthetic Movement in style by Meriden, other unmarked silverplate • One with pickle tongs, other with pickle fork, clear glass inserts • 2 presentation pieces, one berry spoon, solid silver with gold pierced bowl, in green velvet presentation box with gold lining, other is English Christening gift, box with silverplate eggcup and spoon in leather case, perhaps mid-century • 2 Victorian Liquor Sets, one brass ship with brass sails, holders for two liquor bottles, and hooks for 8 small mugs • Frames for two small mirrors • One purple liquor glass stoppered bottle with hand painted design and 8 matching small mugs included • One Amber glass container, with worn silverplate windmill top, and spigot sitting in silverplate frame holding 6 cobalt blue swirl hand blown small glasses • 23+ portrait china plates, cups/bowls, saucers, etc. with fancy dressed couples, women or cherubs • 15+ china pieces with pictures of Victorian children at play, including plates and cups, small vases, alphabet plates, kewpie children divided dish, etc. 10+ figural china/bisque match holder/strikes and 3 red clay pipe and match holders with strikes, marked “CS” • 15+ pieces of EAPG (Early American Plate Glass) Bread Plates, serving plates, compotes, covered dishes, celery, etc. • Cleopatra at Nile, Deer in pines, Prayer Rug, Frosted lion center, etc., are some of the patterns • 6+ Special Dresser pieces, two powder jars, one amber class, with drum shape base, and cat with cymbals on lid, one pink depression glass powder jar, two perfume bottles, one clear shell shaped bottle, one fish shaped clear glass bottle • One silverplate dresser box, with small drawer and cupid on top holding up small mirror • One beribboned brass beveled mirror double perfume bottle holder • One large walnut plateau, with bun type wood legs, Victorian needlepoint top, long oval. 23+ metal pieces, including cast iron ball string holder, several scales of differing weights and styles, lamp and plant brackets, shelf brackets, boot scraper, sausage grinder, hat and coat holder, Arcade Crystal Coffee Grinder with original #3 Crystal Glass Bean Holder, 2 half moon brass Victorian wall planters • 29+ Children’s items, including a riding horse on three wheels, old toy chest with drawer inside, one collapsible swing chair with bunny motif • One toy Stover Junior working waffle iron, several animal glass candy containers • 1 celluloid St. Bernard pin cushion • 1 celluloid family of 4 elephants • Little Black Sambo game board • Child size metal bustle with original label (Taylor’s Flexo woven wire bustle size 2, patented 1898) • One Lotto game in original box, with original bag for wood and glass pieces, one kittens at play wall hanging, several chalk statutes of children, etc • 4 Robinson Crusoe Alphabet plates, BPCo England, Rd 69963 • 35+ individual serving plates, including fish bone plates, butter pats, individual salt cellars, nut cups and set of 12 German Dresden assorted rose place card holders with plastic sleeves for name cards


• 100+ framed Victorian Prints, Lithographs, chalks, needlepoints, beaded pieces, oils, punchpoints, trade and calling cards, photos, etc., in assorted Victorian frames, such as Tramp Art, Ebonized with gilt incising, walnut, gesso, etc., including, two English punch points in silver/gold gesso frames with original English framing labels • Original 1800’s Easter Cross lithograph in large walnut frame • Photo of little boy with drum, in fur hat and heavy coat • Wonderful photo of woman in elaborate hat with feather plumes in gesso frame • One beaded oval piece profile of Roman woman in black frame with gesso roses • Framed wonderfully preserved tapestry • Oil of fancy dressed people in elaborately decorated music room with gold gesso frame • A large print of young women in meadow, in a large Tramp Art frame • Pictoral tin plates • Many Victorian empty frames, as well as tabletop swing frames, etc.


• 75+ statues, large to small, single figure to group • Bisque, porcelain, bronze, marble, spelter, chalk, salt, etc. • Marble winged Grecian type statue • Large fancy dressed gentleman holding up his hat in salute • Large oval heavy hand painted statue of seated woman on grass with dog • Large Victorian metal statue of classical woman with bird in hand, etc.


15+ Ceiling, wall, tabletop and accent, etc • Blackamoor torchiere, 1927 FrankArt double nude lamp with amber Cracked Brain globe,  signed in several places • Victorian Organ lamp, with original frosted glass globe with stylized vases and windmill scenes • Bradley and Hubbard tall brass lamp • Several unusual vintage accent lamps • 3 pairs of brass sconces with some with glass drops • 2 pan/double pan brass ceiling fixtures, with 4 lights each • Victorian brass candle sconces with crystal drops • Garniture marble based figural candlestick pair, with large lead glass drops • Several electrified kerosene lamps • Large vase, lamp, etc.


•25+ wood pieces, including oak plate racks, several pairs of small wall shelves, generally with carved oak leaf motif, as well as some walnut small wall shelves with ebonized accents • Oak leaf carved wall magazine rack • Clock shelf • Oak wall music stand, etc.


• Including album of Victorian scrap, Victorian calling cards, vintage valentines, vintage postcards, vintage trade/advertising cards, holiday cards, etc.


• Including large Victorian cast iron urn on stand, smaller two handled black cast urn, two metal green leaf design planter boxes, early 60’s, English Raleigh 3 speed men’s bike, one 50’s Radio Flyer wagon, several vintage cane fishing poles, vintage two-man saw, brace and bits, other vintage tools.


• Brass stand with small beveled mirrors, brass leaves, brass doves, etc., holding a red velvet cushion pillow for presentation of ring/flowers


Decorative Victorian items and every day pieces, such as vintage mantel and wall clocks, dishware, glassware, bookends, cuff and collar boxes, razor strop, 7+ Victorian framed mirrors, laces, pillow top needlepoints, horsehair sleigh blanket by “Chase” beautiful vibrant colors, bone crochet hooks, and vintage sewing basket, 20+ brass Victorian picture rail hooks, assorted silver and silver plate spoons and serving pieces, 3 large china plant pots, 2 floral, one painted, other with applied flowers, and one blueware Weller Jardinere with dancing Grecian women. 2 salesman sample dining tables, copper with putti vintage ink well with white glass insert and blue feather pen, stove covers, 5+ special jewelry casks and boxes, some hand painted Bristol, Rosenthal, etc., platters, biscuit jars and the list goes on…   





AT (507) 684-2955
OR (507) 456-5128

Terms: Cash or Good Check, Picture ID Required. Sorry, no credit cards. No property removed until fully settled for. Sales Staff and Owners Not Responsible for accidents. Any verbal announcement made day of auction takes precedence over print. Lunch and restroom services available on site. No buyer's premium. Clerk: Holland Auction Company


Auction at Owatonna Armory, Owatonna, MN

(507) 684-2955

30 Years!!!

Tracy Holland & Associates
Ellendale, MN
(507) 684-2955 or
(507) 456-5128 cell